Week 4

We had a zoom visit from the author of the paper we read last week (“Can I Not Be Suicidal on a Sunday?”: Understanding Technology-Mediated Pathways to Mental Health Support”). It was really interesting to hear about the background of the author and the study, as well as details that weren’t included in the paper.

I received my VR headset, an Oculus Quest! I’ve only actually experienced VR once or twice before, so it was really exciting to actually be able to put on the headset, especially after reading so much about VR these last few weeks.


I’ve had a bit of technical difficulties with my computer this week and had to redo some of my work on the Unity projects, but I’ve made some progress on adding detail to the rollercoaster model. I also need to set up my VR headset with the Unity projects, so that is a goal for next week!

Written on June 18, 2021