Week 5

In our weekly lab meeting, it was my turn to present a paper from the IEEE VR 2021 conference. I presented a paper about using individual differences of users to predict susceptibility to cybersickness in VR, which I chose because I was interested in learning about other aspects of cybersickness. I thought there were some questionable parts of the paper, and I was impressed how many other details Dr. Interrante and other members of lab pointed out that I hadn’t noticed. It reminded me how important it is to read papers critically and question whether the methods and conclusions that the writers make are valid.

I spent a lot of time this week figuring out how to set up the VR hardware and software that I need for my projects. I was finally able to navigate around the hospital model on the headset, and I definitely related to the feelings of cybersickness that I’ve been learning about.

I’ve continued to add detail to the rollercoaster model as well—I added a skybox, a city background, and many trees to make the background more visually interesting.


Written on June 25, 2021