Week 6

This week, I went back to working with shaders. I had been struggling to figure out how to apply them in Unity, so I reached out to a PhD student in Dr. Interrante’s lab who has more experience working with Unity. She shared some helpful tutorials with me about the basics of applying a shader in Unity, which helped my understanding of the different places in the Unity pipeline that a shader can be applied. My mentor also found another tutorial that explains how to apply an outline shader, which uses the Unity post-processing stack.

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I’ve also been looking into papers that relate to the work that we are doing, specifically cybersickness as a function of visual input. There have been some studies that explore the relationship between the level of detail in a scene and cybersickness. Dr. Interrante explained that she had a concern that these papers did not control for latency—a higher detail scene might have a lower frame rate than a lower detail scene because detail takes longer to render, which can contribute to cybersickness. This could make it difficult to identify the impact of detail alone.

Written on July 2, 2021