Week 9

The hospital and rollercoaster scenes are almost done! The hospital scene had some issues with lag because it is very detailed and there are a lot of polygons to render. This was improved slightly by changing some settings for occlusion culling, which is a feature that disables rendering of objects when they are behind other objects. For example, it isn’t necessary to render every object behind a wall because they won’t be seen anyway, so using this feature can improve the runtime performance of the project.

I finally met the PhD student that will be running the user study based on the work that I’ve done. Depending on the results of this study (if using non-photorealistic rendering is less cybersickness inducing), he will be able to use this knowledge in his future work in exploring methods to reduce cybersickness. It was interesting to hear about the big picture of my project, and how he plans to expand on the results of this study.

Written on July 23, 2021